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What is burlesque?

Burlesque comes from the theatre and comedy and has enjoyed a revival for nearly two decades. With exaggerated costumes, theatrics and make-up it provides a platform for people of all ages and body types to express themselves and has been the cornerstone for many to grow in confidence.


Is there any nudity?

No, there is no nudity in the World Burlesque Academy tutorials.


What should I wear to learn burlesque?

We think lipstick adds a sense of glamour and it's fun to have evening gloves or some comfortable heels you can dance in but ultimately it is up to you what you wear.


Can anyone learn burlesque?

Yes! There are so many genres of burlesque from bearlesque, queerlesque to boylesque. It really is for all body types, abilities and shapes and sizes.


What Is Boost Your Burlesque Strategy and the Level Up Challenge?

Boost Your Burlesque Strategy is a series of online courses for burlesque artists who wish to level up and fastrack their careers without doing it alone or making a mistake. It is a tried and tested programme where you learn in your own time following a 6 Week Plan then afterwards you join Monthly Group Coaching Calls. The creator of World Burlesque Day, Sapphira, is your mentor. We have regularly been teaching burlesque artists in this method from many countries with great results.


Will this take a lot of my time? I'm busy!

No, the purpose of signing up for our 6 Week Challenges online within the app is that you learn bite size lessons 5, 10 to 20 minutes per day and fits it in with your schedule. You can even block a week of content into an hour if that works better for you. When you join a 6 Week Challenge you are invited to a weekly international group Zoom call to ask questions and meet your colleagues as well as being part of a private Facebook group.


Why should I choose the World Burlesque Academy?

The World Burlesque Academy provides a premimum burlesque experience. We operate globally owned and produced by Sapphira's Showtime. Over the years our multi-national business supporters have included Virgin Atlantic, Benefit Cosmetics, Dita Von Teese Lingerie, Secrets in Lace Europe, Vivien of Holloway and publishing houses Welbeck Publishing, Hachette, Taylor & Francis and North Atlantic Books who publish Gypsy: A Memoir. We provide a unique bridge between the world of cabaret and high level blue chip companies and invite you to learn with us.